No DX11 for Intel Atom.
Information on Intel’s next-generation Atom platform codenamed “Cedar Trail” has started to leak out, and not all of it is good news.
According to news and rumor site Fudzilla, the next batch of Atom processors still won’t support DX11  graphics, not unless Intel is planning to make a surprise announcement at the last minute. Cedar Trail D (for Desktop) and Cedar Trail M (for Mobile) will support DirectX 10.1, however, with a core that will look somewhat similar to Intel’s upcoming Sandy Bridge part.
More importantly, early indications suggest that the new Atom chips will have enough horsepower under the hood to handle Full HD decoding and hardware acceleration for MPEG2, VC1, ACV, and H.264. Cedar Trail will also support the Blu-ray 2.0 profile, which includes picture-in-picture functionality and some online goodies



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