How to Check Real Link of Shortened URL?

URL Shortening is a trend in today’s social media and web surfing. Big giants such as Google and YouTube have their own URL shorteners, too. It’s not just because the URL
url How do I Check the Real Link of a Shortened URL?shortening is a trend of the present, but also it’s important for tiny conversations like twitter or facebook status.
The trend, URL Shortening, was founded by at first and spread widely by twitter. Because you’re limited by how many characters you can use in your conversation, you need everything Short but right. That’s why URL Shortening is important and popular at the same time. has an option to preview the shortened link before you visit the site. If you include a word, preview, before the domain, you will see where the link goes. But what about other shorteners?
Well, you can easily check the link before you have a go to any shortened URL by this firefox plugin. But sometimes you just don’t want to restart your firefox and want a quicker way to do this.

Here comes what exactly you need.
Sucuri has got a nice little web-based tool to let you see the destination of a shortened URL. Not only that, the tool will also check the destination URL in two different ways to find out if it’s safe for you to have a go to the site.
real url How do I Check the Real Link of a Shortened URL?It’s advised to check the destination of a shortened link before you decide to have a visit.


I strongly recommend checking out the real URL behind a shortened one before you click on the link, even if one of your friends tweeted this. Twitter is often harmful for these kinds of shortened URLs that may cause damage to your PC or leave spyware program to your computer. As a result, checking the real URL is important for safe surfing. Also, for the sake of your computer’s safety, you need to make sure that the website you are about to visit is declared safe. Use the tool to know if it is.



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