Cooler Master Gemin II seriously cool

Size does matter
Huge coolers for CPUs are nothing new, except if they are meant to, besides CPU, cool your motherboard, RAM, graphic card and everything else near by. That's how Coler master got an idea for Cooler Master Gemin II


Gemin II has mythically big proportions 175x124.8x81.5mm. This doesn't come as a surprise as it is supposed to carry two 120mm fans. It weight 847g respectively, and the weight is justified with the fact that the base is made out of copper with six heat pipes meant to transport heat to a big aluminium part. 

Depending on the type of fans you use, the cooler should not make too much noise. According to the Cooler Master with one of their fans noise was on acceptable 20.7dBA. The monster is compatible with socket AM2/754/939/940/LGA775. Gemin II should be available sometime in March and we are sure that we will get a chance to see it in CEBIT. 


More infos here.



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