Atdec Levitate Gives Your Monitor a Lift


Your monitor is earthbound no longer, not when it's being held up by the Levitate. Premium computer furniture-maker Atdec has introduced the Levitate, a mounting solution for flat-screen displays that lets even large monitors be tilted and repositioned in seconds. It's launching this week at the biannual ORGATEC trade exhibition this week in Cologne, Germany. 

Besides its good looks, the Levitate offers a cable management system that hides your wires so they don't detract from the stand's attractiveness. The Levitate is made from polished aluminum and stainless steel. Nor surprisingly, Atdec is targeting this to graphic designers. It's also great for collaborative workstations, the company says, where monitors need to be quickly repositioned. You can pick one up in February for $299. 



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