Apple's White Phone tipped for Spring

Apple's white iPhone 4 could finally make an appearance in spring 2011, according to an image shot by blog 9to5Mac.

That photograph is supposed to show some of the new signage going up in Apple Stores around the country. It specifically says that Jobs Mob will be making a white iPhone 4 in Spring 2011.
It is the second time that Spring has been mentioned as the release date. In October, an Apple spokesperson suggested the device would release sometime in spring 2011. However soon afterwards it disappeared from the company's online store.
It is not clear why Apple is having so much difficulty making its trademark phone. Sources claimed that ambient light leaked into the white iPhone 4's case, which makes it difficult for the toy to take "accurate pictures."  

One theory is that  Apple has been frantically trying to isolate the camera sensor on the white phone. What is perhaps funnier is that Apple has consistantly refused to tell users what is going on. Those who want a white iPhone have been told to wait a few months. Now they are being told to wait until Spring.

If you did what you were told you would have been without an iPhone 4 for more than a year.



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