And the Two “Most Desired” Smartphone Platforms Are…?
If you answered “iOS and Android,” you win the no-prize. We would have also accepted “Apple and Google,” or a combination thereof. The point being, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms are the most sought after systems by mobile phone users, according to a new survey by Nielsen.
The survey results should come as worrisome news to Research In Motion, whose BlackBerry OS is currently in a virtual tie with iOS as the most popular smartphone platform. Of those surveyed, 27.4 percent own a BlackBerry device, compared to 27.9 percent who own an iPhone. Android, meanwhile, claims a 22.7 percent share.
Here’s another interesting tidbit. Feature phone owners showed a slightly stronger preference towards upgrading to an Android device over an iPhone (28 percent versus 25 percent, respectively,), while current smartphone owners lean towards an iPhone over Android (35 percent versus 28 percent).
Gender also played a role. Females lean toward wanting an iPhone (30.9 percent) over an Android device (22.8 percent), while males are all about Android (32.6 percent) first, and iPhone second (28.6 percent).



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