Acer Stream

The Android Powered Acer Stream
Technology has grown in leaps and bounds over the last decade. This is due largely to the explosion of the smart phone. The market has almost been monopolized by Apple, but competition is on the rise.
One of the these competitors is Acer. The computer that has played a very large row in PC distribution, and marketing continues now with the Acer Stream. If luck is on their side phones will be much more profitable than the Dell dominated PC market. So far phones invented by the company have failed to hit the mark with consumers. The Acer Stream, by far, has been the most promising of the Acer phone technology.
The market is filled with a heavy demand for multimedia and the Acer Streamattempts to appeal to this demand by promoting the device as media playback device. The Nemo media player is the application used for playback for video media files which include XVid and 720p video file formats. This is good for starters, but the Acer Stream loses ground by not supporting the MKV format for videos. This format has become very popular for condensed Blu-Ray files, and it will be extremely important for Acer Stream to get create an update for support of these files soon.
The Acer Stream has a standard memory size of 2GB. The device also comes with a 8GB memory card. The built-in memory is fairly sufficient for the videos and audio that may be watched and deleted. Consumers that want to build a library, however, will want to consider bigger memory cards. A 32GB memory card is currently the maximum size that the Acer Stream device can process. This is more than enough to build a portable library for video files.
The Acer Stream also has a port that allows you to view pictures and video from the phone on the television. The process, however, is limited by the software application that is utilized by the Acer Stream. The Nemo application is the only output for the phone to television view. Nothing can be viewed on the television screen that is not within the Nemo application.
The screen is bright and the casing is slim. These are features that consumers expect for the Android, and the Acer Stream has fulfilled these expectations. It is an apparent improvement on the design for Acer phones. The design of the Acer Stream is also enhanced with video and audio recording capabilities. Video recording from the phone is great because the phone has a large screen for viewing as you record. The large screen is also good for touch screen menu features that can be cumbersome to navigate on smaller phones.
Sadly one of the things that Acer did not consider in the making of the Acer Stream was creativity. It was very forward thinking to enter the cell phone industry since cell phones are almost the equivalent of portable computers. It was even an excellent strategy to enter the market with a stylish Android phone design. It was not smart, however, to manufacture a smart phone that does not do anything other than replicate what is already available on the market. The cell phones market is flooded. The Acer Stream will have to gain it’s own originality to push new consumers in their direction.



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