Intel Core i7 990X Reportedly Shipping in Early 2011

Before you go maxing out the available balance on your credit card picking up Intel’s Core i7 980X processor, you may want to hang tight for a couple of months. According to news and rumor site Fudzilla, the Santa Clara chip maker will introduce its new flagship part, the Core i7 990X six-core chip, to the market in the first quarter of 2011.
The new part will come clocked at 3.46GHz on each of its six cores with a 3.73GHz Turbo clock. Otherwise, not much as changed — it’s still rated at 130W, supports DDR3 memory, comes equipped with 12MB of cache, and won’t have any integrated graphics like those fancy Sandy Bridge parts.
Look for pricing to remain at $1,000 for Intel’s flagship part, which should drive down prices on remaining Core i7 980X processors, particularly in the used market.



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