HD6870 and GTX470 VFM war!!

As rumored, Nvidia slashed the price of its GeForce GTX 470 videocard today, and did so by more than 25 percent, at least in terms of MSRP. The GTX 470, which was originally marked at $350, can now be found for as little as $260.
That’s about $20 more expensive than the lowest priced AMD Radeon HD 6870 videocards (you can read our review of the XFX HD 6870, and the HD 6850 ), all without any mail-in-rebate shenanigans.
So out of the two, which should you get? You could flip a piece-of-eight and be happy with the result no matter how it lands. The GTX 470 is slightly faster than the HD 6870, while the latter costs a little less. If a warranty is what matters most, out of the $260 and under cards, only the EVGA GTX 470 comes with a lifetime backing (provided you register the card within 30 days). XFX also offers a lifetime backing on its cards, which one-ups EVGA’s by being transferable to a second owner, but the XFX HD 6870 runs for $280.



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