ADVT Is the Fastest URL Shortener on the Block

A few weeks ago, Google opened up its URL shortener to all. It has some neat tricks like real-time stats tracking, and QR code creation, but it turns out to have another feature. It’s super fast. Some testing done by Pingdom shows that in most situations, Google’s URL shortener is faster at directing users to pages than the competition.
Page load times in North America and Europe were tested, and was the winner by a country mile. actually had slightly better performance in Europe, but it’s slow North American load times hurt it in the combined calculation. The popular URL shortener was found to be three times slower than
We are talking about a few hundred milliseconds here. So the difference in real life might be negligible. It’s more about bragging rights than anything else. Would you be swayed by these sorts of tests to use a different service?



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