Geforce GTX 580 to launch in November

I came across some interesting information regarding Nvidia’s response to Cayman. The new chip from Nvidia, codenamed GF110 is going to launch in November, most likely before Cayman. AMD set its launch date around November 20 and Nvidia is likely to launch the GF110 a bit earlier.
It is not only that the chip will have more than 480 cores, I dare not say 512, but all these cores will be improved. Nvidia had more than a year to work on this mid-life kicker, something that can compete with AMD’s Cayman and could likely end up as the fastest GPU on the market.
First reports indicate that it will get available for around $499 but this will very much depend on Cayman performance and pricing.
The cards are in production , almost ready to ship at launch. Now its all a matter of politics and deciding when to launch them. As the winter in the northern hemisphere draws near the Cayman and the GF110 will come in quite handy, as both will generate enough heat to keep gamers cozy at sub-zero temperatures.



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