Norton Internet Security 2011

“With the Norton 2011 release, we’re determined to continue delivering the fastest and most effective security suite on the market,” said Jens Meggers, vice president of engineering, for Norton products. “Further to this, our customers are looking for value beyond ‘core security’ and the free new tools we’re bringing to market will keep the Norton community and the community-at-large safer from the cybercriminals who find new ways everyday to target people’s identity for a profit.”

Protecting the Community-at-Large
In addition to the Norton 2011 beta offerings, Symantec is announcing several new tools in the fight against cybercrime. These tools will remain free and address some of today’s trickiest and most prevalent issues related to malware infection and removal.

Norton Power Eraser - Some threats impersonate legitimate programs, modify browsers or boot screen graphics, and even redirect traffic. Due to their deceptive appearance, users will often times allow the installation of programs that may appear legitimate, but are actually harmful. Sometimes, these "scareware" programs can require special tactics to remove them. With Norton Power Eraser, these threats (and others) are specifically targeted, and effectively detected and removed. Learn about it and download it here. 

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool (only available to Norton subscribers) – This tool allows Norton users to boot a PC into a safe state when a system is so deeply infected that it will not properly start up. New this year, the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool wizard automatically creates a CD/DVD/USB bootable device in a quick and easy way. Learn about it and download it here. 




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