Rs.1500 Indian LAPTOP Apple ipad vs Indian ipad

Specifications (as far as available)
-2gb ram
-Webcam for video conferencing
-keyboard (physical one)
-usb ports
-9.5 inch display
-solar power source
-touch screen

As of now the device does not have a hard disc, instead it uses memory card.

The choice is yours, as you have usb ports, all you need would be an 8gb or 16gb pendrive or even portable hdd.
- the device runs on a linux os to reduce costs
- the device has a built in pdf reader.
- multimedia support to play the most common formats

The greatest advantage of the Indian ipad over its Apple counterpart is going to be its price.
What would you buy varies depends upon your geek status than its price. But for the bottomline Indian citizen who knows apple, as only a fruit, would not want or be able to spend $500 and upwards for a computing device
An average construction worker gets around Rs300 to Rs500 daily wages in this part of India. This means that he or she can provide their children with a well spec'd gadged just from their single day salary(the Indian govt. Is sure to bring the price down to Rs500 with massproduction). Even though the device cannot out perform the Apple ipad in terms of functionality and features like multi touch interface and other fancy stuff like a well stuffed app store.The average Indian citizen does not need those fancy stuff.

Besides, the device surely has advantages over the apple ipad Like usb ports, Webcam,Physical keyboard,
2gb ram as opposed 256mb , And last but not least 16.6 times lesser price(compared to the starting range)
Which is to fall to 1 third me its current price with mass production. The Indian govt has made a great achievement, thanks to the guys @ IIT.

Jai ho...



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