Orkut Attacked Virus "Bom Sabado"

UPDATE:Bug is Fixed,u can!

Today in morning i saw every account was posting scrap some thing like bomb amungu or Bom Sabado.

And those who all are reading this scrap even in their profile, their cookies are also stole and so they are also posting scrap automatically to their friend list same scrap as bomb something like :(

The script is running on and also in status of profile their flag is coming. i mean status are automatically updated in some profile. Its their flag of Brazil.  Already Google team are working on it.

By the Bom Sabado means Good Saturday

Currently what u should do is

First of All Log out of Orkut using This link:


Follow these steps:

1. Immediately change your password and security question{ including secondary email and mobile number if they also got changed.) This will solve the problem.

2. Find out whether some communities has been joined automatically. if yeah, do remove them.

3. If your account has been completely hacked, see here:
4. Always remember these points :

4.1 Donot ever login to any site rather than

4.2 Donot ever run any javascripts while logged into your orkut account

4.3 Never use any flooder in your account

4.4 Donot ever share your password with anyone else and keep changing your password regularly.

4.5 Donot ever click suspicious link while logged into Orkut a/c. if you are curious you can copy the link and check them in other browser after cleaning it's browser's cookie and cache.

4.6 Donot ever install any suspicious script on greasemoneky and ALWAYS DIABLE THE GM before logging in to orkut.

4.7 Do your mobile verification also, so that you can get back your a/c if hacker doesn't change the mobile number there.

4.8 Install a good Update Ant ivirus and Anti Key logger and keep your system free from Key loggers and backdoor trojans.



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